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UBS is a global firm providing financial services to private, corporate and institutional clients. They are present in all major financial centers and have offices in over 50 countries.

  • UBS offers high net worth and affluent individuals around the world a complete range of tailored advice and investment services. Their spectrum ranges from investment management to estate planning and corporate finance advice, in addition to specific wealth management products and services.
  • UBS offers investment capabilities across traditional and alternative asset classes for private clients, intermediaries and institutional investors.
  • UBS provides securities products and research in equities, fixed income, rates, foreign exchange and metals as well as advisory and access to capital markets.

Full Broker information

Foundation Year 1998
Trading Platforms UBS’s on-line platform
Reliability Rate АAA
Authorised Capital 41.01 billion
Brocker Fee 170
Exchange Fee
Withdrawal Fee
Minimum Deposit

Contact information

Phone: +41442341111
Address: UBS AG, Bahnhofstrasse 45, CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland;


50% 50%

User Reviews

I realize this is pretty darn futile—explaining my troubles with these bastards. But I'll do it anyway. In short, I've attempted to contact UBS numerous times over the years with absolutely not one phone being answered on their end. Ridiculous. So I figured, why not try a rear entry? And that's what I did, by way of opening an online account. However, the field requirements on their site does not allow for me to enter my account #; 5 numbers (only) are required in one info field while mine is comprised of letters and numbers. They are obviously only interested in making money, just like every other financial company. Personally, I feel people are better off investing in something that matters, or an IRA. A quick fix by way of making money fast (greed) and/or trusting crooks with one's—unregulated—retirement plan is not the way to go. But we all no better yet still whine when continuously robbed. Yep...just another never ending dilemma.
&nbsp Geoge &nbsp 2016/10/04 13:58 &nbsp &nbsp
I received company stock that was being held by UBS.When I went to cash out, I inadvertently gave them the wrong routing number. The funds were never transferred. Now the money is no where to be found. They tried to tell me that the receiving bank had the money but that is not possible since the transaction did not go through. The money should have automatically been sent back to my account. I cannot get a straight answer from UBS and it has been a month since the initial failed transaction. They are holding my money somewhere I am sure all the while earning fees. I am wondering if I will ever get my money back.
&nbsp Helen &nbsp 2016/10/04 13:58 &nbsp &nbsp
My late father had three accounts with UBS with my mother named as the beneficiary.After my father passed we got in touch with UBS regarding the documents required so that our title to the funds in the accounts would be recognised and the funds could be transferred to my mother's account. We began the process in 2014, but were initially given incorrect information from UBS. We submitted the death certificate and succession certificate in accordance with Pakistani law and were then told that these needed to be 'legalised'. They negligently failed to inform us of this initially. We finally submitted the legalised death certificate, succession certificate and a power of attorney in my mother's name for good measure in July 2015. It has been a full year now and we have not received the funds. We were informed last week by Mr. Ozan Urhan, our UBS advisor, that the account had been closed and the funds had been transferred. We just went to our local bank and they informed us that NO such transfer has been made.We have been lied to by UBS and they have neglected to transfer OUR money for the past year, all the while earning maintenance fees and interest off of our money.
&nbsp Jack &nbsp 2016/10/04 13:58 &nbsp &nbsp
This was my complaint and it has been copied from my review on without my consent. Please note that Mr. Ozan Urhan proved to be extremely helpful. Our case had been mishandled by previous advisors and it was Ozan who inherited our case and finally took charge of the situation. He was the person who finally took the necessary action and ensured the transfer of funds was successfully completed and was also extremely apologetic about the prior handling of our case, despite the fact that he had not been involved until the case was handed to him in mid-2016. He remained professional and was available over telephone whenever we wished to discuss the matter. He mobilized his team in correcting the issues at UBS's end and worked tirelessly for us. We are extremely grateful to him and recommend him highly! If it had not been for his efforts, we might have continued struggling with the case for years, but he quickly understood the circumstances and reacted in a manner that was efficient and sympathetic.
Jack 2016/10/04 13:58

WE were appalled regarding the fees to manage and liquidate our mutual funds.PLEASE check carefully before investing with this company. WE lost a substantial amount of money compared to the other firms we were invested in. We closed out accounts in several firms due to a death in the family. Other investment/financial firms fees were significantly less. We will proceed with extra caution before investing with any firm in the future and require SPECIFIC details of ALL fees.
&nbsp Fenix &nbsp 2016/10/04 13:58 &nbsp &nbsp
I checked in with my stock advisor to see what my stocks were worth a couple of days ago, and I was happy to know the value.So 2 days later I call him to liquidate everything, and he says not a problem, and says you'll be selling this many of each stock and that was it, and we hung up with each other and a minute later he calls back saying today was not a good day to sell, but he sold everything anyway. He proceeded to let me know that it was 900 dollars less than the other day. As a financial advisor I feel like he had a duty to inform me, but failed to say beforehand, "hey your value is 'this' are you sure you don't want to wait a day?" as if he wanted me to lose my money.UBS Financial Services is not recommended unless you don't mind any financial losses you may incur. Report Comment Private message author
&nbsp Less &nbsp 2016/10/04 13:58 &nbsp &nbsp