Livevol ( is the most recently launched broker we covered. It was an options-analytics platform starting in 2009, but can now be used to put on trades. Livevol's 80-plus live market scans, which can be customized, helps you identify potential trades, especially options spreads. The options montage, which is the focus for most of the firm's customers, lets you play around with implied volatility so you can build your own model of an option's price.

The options charting capabilities of this platform are extensive, especially if you're a volatility junkie. The proprietary scanner involves hypothetical 30-day, 60-day and 90-day volatility; historical volatility is displayed for every optionable security. After setting up a watchlist, you can check out time and sales for all of those items, customizing the list to filter out the orders you don't want to see (such as very small ones).

Since Livevol executes its trades through Interactive Brokers, you can use IB's mobile apps to check on your account, but some of the analytics specific to the Livevol platform are not available.

Full Broker information

Foundation Year 2009
Trading Platforms Livevol X, Livevol Pro, Livevol Core, Livevol Excel Add-on, Livevol Options Strategy Backtester Livevol Options Strategy Backtester
Reliability Rate B-
Authorised Capital
Brocker Fee 0.0065
Exchange Fee
Withdrawal Fee
Minimum Deposit
Seminars, Education

Contact information

Phone: (800) 307-8979, (312) 786-7400, (415) 200-4536
Address: 400 S. LaSalle St. Chicago, IL 60605, USA


12% 87%

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