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Saxo Bank – Investment Bank, Headquartered in Denmark. The company specializes in providing services in the forex markets, derivative securities, shares and other financial instruments. Reliability, but far from offering the most favorable terms, that is understandable, because the credit institution meets the requirements of European legislation in full.

Quick facts

  • ​Founded 1992.
  • 1,559 employees in 18 countries.
  • 30,000 financial instruments available on our platforms.
  • More than 50 industry awards for our trading platforms.
  • 27.7 million trades executed in 2015 by clients in 180 countries.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Saxo Bank spans the entire globe with a strong, unified network. With offices in 26 countries worldwide, they utilise their local sales and service organisations and their global online presence to give first-class service to clients in more than 180 countries.

Saxo Bank Services

Saxo Bank offers customers one of the three types of:

  • Classic – with the volume of investment from 10 th. United States dollars;
  • Premium – from 100 th. USD, In addition provided advanced analyses, as well as personal Manager, and
  • Platinum – from 500 th. USD, in fact this VIP- account with individual conditions, including minimal spreads.

It is worth noting, that Saxo Bank has its own affiliate program, which are many Forex brokers. The Bank provides the ability to brand their products, Therefore, it is possible, that selected another broker on the Forex market in fact works through Saxo Bank.

Recharging is possible exclusively banking tools: or money order, either card, that is without the popular payment systems, especially in Russian.

Saxo Bank Terms And Conditions

Saxo Bank works with a wide range of tools: currencies, f′ûčerskami and options, shares, bonds, precious metals.

The maximum level of leverage is 1:100. Minimum lot size 0,05.

For transactions are invited to take advantage of one of three own trading platforms: SaxoTrader – is installed on your computer, SaxoTraderGO – for mobile devices and the SaxoWebTrader – through a Web interface.

Bringing together industry and academia with data science

At Saxo Bank, we believe that a close collaboration between industry and academic disciplines helps to continuously improve our ability to offer an effective client experience. In 2014, Saxo Bank joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Alliance Program.

Full Broker information

Foundation Year 1992
License 1149
Trading Platforms SaxoTrader, SaxoTrader GO, Free Platform Demo, Saxo Bank, Saxo WebTrader, Saxo MobileTrader
Reliability Rate AAA
Authorised Capital
Brocker Fee
Exchange Fee
Withdrawal Fee
Minimum Deposit 20000
Mobile Trading
Seminars, Education

Contact information

Phone: +45 3977 4000
Address: Saxo Bank A/S (Headquarters) Philip Heymans Allé 15 2900 Hellerup Denmark


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User Reviews

A good and reliable Forex broker. But can not say in its recall of about Saksobanke, What is it minuses. Spread, It seems to me, expanded disproportionately. There are slipping. Those, who are engaged in scalping friendly, may be this problem. I would even say, that Saksobank is generally not very suitable for scalping. And from the pros – the withdrawal without delay and caliper.
&nbsp Carolina &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:11 &nbsp &nbsp
Working with Saxo bank is relatively long. Location. Convenient. Very quickly. A large selection of tools. Quality support. Professionally. Relatively low Commission. Convenient interface
&nbsp Alex &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:11 &nbsp &nbsp
Already the third week I can't withdraw money, whole brain made , on tickets zero response, on the phone some empty promises. All papers hang untested so far. Some kidalovo. I DO NOT ADVISE!
&nbsp Sergey &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:11 &nbsp &nbsp
Some of the worst facilities I've come across - $200 margin call at 10pm at night, transfer $1000 and send remittance and they close every single position within half an hour. Apparently funds have to be in there immediately, however they don't provide you with any facilities to allow you to do that. Much better platforms out there
&nbsp Elis &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:30 &nbsp &nbsp
Pros: Does offer the biggest Range of CFD instruments. Cons: Positions do not show margin used, only units. Charts and Combined charts cannot be saved into Favorites. Cannot auto-login and skip-updates. Upon trying to sell some CFD's an error message popsup "short selling is disabled for this instrument"... So annoying, no way to hide disabled instruments. No support forum or email address.
&nbsp Z.N. &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:30 &nbsp &nbsp
I hope somebody will close this Bucket Shop. Always hunting the Stop Loss levels. Always disconnect the platform or freeze. They have cancelled profit from the account. How can they still alive? Never open real account with them.
&nbsp Krisztian &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:30 &nbsp &nbsp
My Saxo Bank story: ~ 90.000$ loss after a blink The link for my story on Youtube:
&nbsp SaxoBank_Story &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:30 &nbsp &nbsp
Won't go into the quality of the broker because I only had a small account with them, but at least they're legit! I've put in a wire withdrawal request and had the money in my bank account within a week more than can be said for a lot of so called FX brokers out there.
&nbsp Yuri &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:30 &nbsp &nbsp
Saxotrader could be a cool platform - it is were not for those obnoxious DISCONNECTIONS. You can easly get disconnected up to 10 x per hour - which is what happens to me - in a trading hour. Even though I have 9MB download and 2MB upload line. I tend my internet speed when I get disconnection, and my speed is mega fast, yet the Saxotrader plaform disconnects - again. There support email plenty of "tricks" or options such as changing connection from AUTO to TCP or HTTPS but all of this is a complete waste of time. I would like to hear from other users who suffer the same issue - very frequent disconnections, very slow popups when cancelling orders (half of the time empty with no text), very slow order delivery to their servers. If it were not for those major acceptable issues, I would recommend them 100%. Very transparent and honest in my opinion, but Saxotrader platform too slow and buggy. I would recommend they produced a "fast", "lightweight" platform without all the gimmicks that sends orders FAST to the server and they should increase server speed on their side. Pity, could be perfect, but disconnection makes it a nightmare.
&nbsp Thomas &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:30 &nbsp &nbsp
Customer service sox! they dont even bother to reply. sent first email and they said this is wrong department, contact the other " EMAIL " , sent 2 email to "OTHER EMAIL" and oh yea ! SURPRISE SURPRISE ! NO ONE BOTHERED TO ANSWER MY SIMPLE QUESTION !
&nbsp aj &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:30 &nbsp &nbsp
I have been with SAXO since August 2013. I invest mainly in stocks. 8 times of 10 when I buy a stock I got them lower than my buy order = I saved money. So this means that they ARE honest! My experience with their support is very good. My account manager always get back within hour and give good advice/ explanation etc. Just started to learn Forex trading in their system, can't say if they are cheating or not but since they have a 8PIP spread I dont see why they would cheat as they make tons of money on this high spread. Conclusion for me is that they are very good and I trust them. Maby little expensive on the spread but thats it. You get what you pay for. Many "low spread" have many hidden costs, I prefer a trader who is transparent with costs as Saxo Bank. I have mixed result on the forex BUT thats only because of me doing wrong choices.
&nbsp jonas_hammar &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:30 &nbsp &nbsp
Total scam!! Stop losses are always hit, often at "spike" that didn`t occur in real time. They also tamper with your margin, two times I got a margin stop out at night (forex) while the spotlevel did not reach the values at the time of the stop out. Helpdeskservice is very unfriendly and arrogant. Avoid the Saxobank, flushing your money through the toilet is easier and more fun.
&nbsp Dennis &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:30 &nbsp &nbsp
I'm experiencing a live account with SAXO. I was catched by a very good offer for new customers: deposit $2000 and get a Mini Ipad for free. Well, infact you need to do a more than reasonable amount of trades every month for almost six months, but it's fair enough. They were really professional and sent me the Ipad the same day I deposited. I also tried to withdraw part of my money: it took only one business day, WOW. That's becouse it's a bank I guess. Problems arrived one day, when the connection to the platform was very instable. I could not access it for more than an hour and I lost money. I asked for refund and after they checked the log, they admit I was unfairly damaged and refund the part of my loss due to the bad connection. I think this broker has a solid organization behind, they proved to be very smart, honest and efficient. The platform is also good, apparently the black out was a very rare event and I hadn't any other problem. I reccomend it: try this broker with confidence.
&nbsp Alessandro &nbsp 2016/10/03 12:30 &nbsp &nbsp
Saxo Trader is great. 200:1 is more than enough leverage and the service is quite sufficient.
&nbsp keegansohfx &nbsp 2016/12/12 13:59 &nbsp &nbsp
It's a good broker. There's a huge number of tools + simple and convenient platform BUT commission on transactions is a bit expensive
&nbsp EnsLoved &nbsp 2017/1/13 14:40 &nbsp &nbsp
The broker is great. The terminal is serious. But there's one BIG problem — the graphics is not the same as quotes. And it spoils everything. Just imagine — the price was changed long ago but the graph is the same. You constantly have to look at quotes and press Sell or Buy.
&nbsp Peter &nbsp 2017/2/27 10:45 &nbsp &nbsp